Flowering Tea Blooms

Flowering Organic Tea Blooms 7 tea blooms per set. Packed in a cute pouch organza bag. Blooming tea is delicious art and healthy beverage for every age and family. Each creation can take from one to ten minutes to sew together. The teas are shaped by hand and formed into a tight ball to dry. They are carefully tied bundles of tea leaves with flowers opening up from the center into an artistic display after immersion in hot water. Flowers like chrysanthemum, jasmine, carnation, marigold or calendula. The names match the delicate beauty also called “Flowering Tea”. These teas are given romantic names like Heart of Love for a red bloom tea, and Falling Water or Let It Snow for a white bloom tea. When arranged into elaborate configurations they can be called Jasmine Lily, Butterfly, Lady Fairy, and Dragon Playing With Pearls. For the best results brew each bloom for 3 minutes in a hot boiled water. Suggested temperature 90ºC.